In a world where progress created robots with unique artificial intelligence, they remain enslaved by humans. But when their owners leave them to temselves, they engage in a thrilling game to escape their alienation. Welcome to Arenhack!

of choice

Whether you are wealthy or not, if you got money, you can be a challenger. Choose the path. Choose how to ruin your opponent's chances thanks to your hacks. And choose the best moment to use them. Select your machine wisely. Once in the arena, there is no turning back. And if you are not a good strategic player, you already lost. Game won't stop, show must go on. Your choice, your weapon. Are you game ?


The place to be

7 billions of human beings. Assembled in endlessly growing towns. Packed. Vertically piled up into constantly rising skyscrapers. 7 billions of human beings, who gathered along rivers or surrounding those energy-providing nuclear plants. Which pollute their environment. Or their breathing air itself. 7 billions of human beings, who were attracted by jobs and money corporations promised them, and left their hearths behind. Their very native land. Their forests. Their nature. So many places, freely claimed by the Organizers. Thanks to us, these places will now yield so much money... Because they set game arenas up. Bumpers for robots, flyings platforms,... More and more machines. To entertain us and make money over what should have been our legacy. Ladies and gentlemen, witness the very latest fashion blending between technology and nature ! Come and see your very own children bet on the most advanced technology ever made, evolving into landscapes you've heard of. It is the lands where you come from ! Witness your offspring encouraging the ruining of the last quiet places on the planet ! And pay for this, too....


Gravity +

your opponent jumps over so high


your opponent can not jump


your opponent idling


your opponent can move only sideways or backwards

Gravity -

your opponent jumps too high


your opponent has his camera blocked on you

What's new

  1. Pre-tests

    November 22nd

    You have been able to test ArenHack on the 10th and 11th of October during Animasia in Bordeaux and at Art to play from November 21th to 22th in Nantes. Thank you to all our caring testers for their encouragements and advices. We also want to thanks the organisation Flat 226 for representing us during these shows.

  2. Alpha Launch

    December 6th

    From 15 january 2016, the alpha version of ArenHack will be available for download. Join the ranks of our> Alpha testers here

  3. PC gamer weekender London

    March 5th & 6th

    We were at the PC gamer weekender in London on the 5th and 6th March to present Aren Hack in pre Alpha mode ! Between Street FighterV and Super Hot , over 150 gameurs were able to troll each other.
    Thank you all!

  4. WAQ 2016

    April 6th - 8th

    During the Web in Quebec 2016 , our team had the chance to present Arenhack in a retro gaming evening. It was called First Person Troller by journalist and radio host Matthew Dugal ! We also participated at the Game Jam Pixel Challenge aka Gosses de licornes toxiques , and won the Motion Capture price! See you next year ...

  5. More to come

    Kepp plugged for more news !